The Authoritas 6-Step SEO & Content Marketing Process: Research

1. Research

The first step in the Authoritas SEO and Content Marketing Process is Research. We help you to conduct a SWOT analysis of your industry, competitors and audience to gain valuable data science-driven insights that you can use to underpin your strategy. Enterprise accounts can benefit from a complete market analysis of the top 100 sites in your marketplace and automatic identification of content themes at both page and keyword level in your market.

Your business goals and strategy

Our platform helps you set and achieve goals for both your team and each individual within your team. If you have Google Analytics configured to track goals and also configured our system to track your specific targets, we have the resources and tools to help you achieve them.

Market analysis and competitive gap analysis

Most competitive platforms only tell you how many keywords selected competitors have and how many one or more competitors have in common with you. We compare every competitor with you and each other, giving you all the opportunity keywords you could also rank for  in the market. No other platform can give you this complete perspective on your market.

Demand for your brand/products vs competitors

It is important to know what the demand for your brand and/or products is. This can be done by benchmarking your keyword search volumes against your competitors’. You can find the trends and your keyword popularity over time and optimize them accordingly.

Audience research & persona development

Both audience research and persona development are important for companies to consider as it is vital to understand your target market. Performing in-depth audience research could save and make your business a lot of money by developing the right product or service that will appeal to the right people. Similarly, understanding how the content of your website is performing across the buyer journey can be achieved easily by cleverly grouping and tagging your keywords. For instance, if you tag your keywords that are generally used through the research phase of the buyer journey, you can filter the data to track and improve them.

Opportunity identification

This is the newest section of the Authoritas platform and something that we as a business are very excited about. We have released Market Share that identifies thousands of prioritized unique content marketing opportunities. We analyze your existing content and give you suggestions on how to improve your rankings with keyword and content topic suggestions. We also identify the keywords that your competitors are ranking for and provide you with topic suggestions to write content about based on these keywords.

Key features to support your research process

  • Market Intelligence –  leverage our unique big data and graph technology to analyze and segment your entire market
  • Competitive Audit – dive deeper into how your competitors are doing compared to you
  • Keyword Research – obtain global, local, mobile and universal rankings in over 100 countries daily, on a weekly basis or on-demand
  • Keyword Visits –  automatically estimate your keyword-level traffic you are receiving that was previously ‘Not Provided’

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